James Walker, Jr.James Walker, Jr. is a licensed and registered Professional Engineer specializing in chassis, brake, and electronic brake control systems at Carr Engineering, Inc. After graduating from GMI Engineering and Management Institute with a degree in automotive engineering in 1994, he worked at Kelsey-Hayes, Saturn Corporation,  Robert Bosch Corporation, Ford Motor Company, and Delphi Corporation where he accrued first-hand experience in the specification, design, calibration, testing, and performance evaluation of state-of-the-art electronic brake control systems including anti-lock braking systems (ABS), traction control systems (TCS), and electronic stability control (ESC).

Following his passion for auto racing, James created scR motorsports in 1997, and subsequently competed for seven successful years in the Sports Car Club of America's Club Racing Showroom Stock C and Improved Touring A categories. A three-car effort in 2003 resulted in multiple pole positions, wins, and podium finishes for the team.  As a testament to the engineering and development of the team's Saturn race cars, all are still competitive (and even setting track records) today.

From the inception of scR motorsports, James has been actively serving as an industry advisor to Kettering University in the fields of brake system design and brake control systems.  In addition, since 2001 he has served as a brake control system consultant for StopTech, a manufacturer of high-performance street and race brake systems.  He has also authored High-Performance Brake Systems: Design, Selection, and Installation, and continues to provide freelance materials to several national publications focusing on brake system design, analysis, and modification for racing applications.

In 2004, SAE International (formerly Society of Automotive Engineers) provided James with the unique opportunity to combine his day-job knowledge of vehicle dynamics with his on-track experience in auto racing.  In cooperation with SAE International, James subsequently created five very highly regarded Professional Development seminars focusing on brake control systems, vehicle dynamics, and brake system design.  These efforts were formally recognized by his peers, in 2005, as he was presented with the SAE International Forest R. McFarland Award for distinction in professional development and education.  More recently, James earned the "Master Instructor" designation, by SAE International’s Professional Development program.

Through his years of racing and related motorsport activities, James has developed the skills necessary to operate and evaluate motor vehicles under a variety of demanding conditions with accuracy and repeatability, both on the race track as well as on the test track.  When combined with the academic and professional qualifications already mentioned, you may realize a scenario where his unique combination of theoretical and practical background may be of use to you.  If so, we'll see you in class!