The Driver

Jeff and sonJeff Lawton purchased his first sports car, a Porsche 944, in 1991.  The following year Jeff began running it in the Porsche Club driver education events. Jeff used that 944 to tune his driving skills at Lime Rock Park, New Hampshire International Speedway, Watkins Glen and Bridgehampton race tracks.  Feeling the need for more speed, Jeff prepped that same car for the sophomore year of the Porsche Club Racing Series. The need to go faster never ends, so after several years of PCA racing, Jeff sold the Porsche and bought a race truck to run in the American Race Truck series.

These trucks used a GM chassis with a fiberglass body, almost identical to the NASCAR Truck Series trucks, incorporating a sealed 305 engine, mild cam and a two-barrel carburetor to keep performance (and costs!) down. Jeff raced that "truck" every other weekend, mostly at the Waterford (CT) Speed Bowl. Unfortunately, the grinding schedule took a toll on his family and personal life so he sold the truck part way through the season. Despite throwing in the towel early, Jeff finished the season 6th out of 23 drivers.

Jeff took the next couple of years off to spend time with his young family and to work on his Masters degree, but the "need for speed" never left!! Shortly after finishing school, Jeff saw his old Porsche for sale; this was a sign!! He bought that same car back and began prepping it to SCCA Improved Touring S specs for the 2002 season.

After two years of frustration with a car that was uncompetitive, Jeff sold the Porsche and purchased an Improved Touring B VW Rabbit GTi, and ran that car competitively in the 2004 and 2005 racing seasons. With serious development work (and gracious assistance from Kessler Engineering and Greg Amy), Jeff showed success by finishing 3rd in the NERRC series and 6th out of 43 in the NARRC series in 2005. He also had a successful first drive in an endurance race, teamed up with Kirk Knestis, Greg Amy, and Phil Phillips to win the 12 Hours at the Point in ITB.

Jeff is currently the primary driver of the Kakashi Racing ITA Saturn SC, a car built and finely honed by James Walker, Jr. and crew of scR motorsports.