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The Driver

James Walker JrJames Walker, Jr. has been tinkering with Saturns ever since taking delivery of his first dark blue Saturn SL2 in 1992.  At the time, his primary interest was commuting, but he quickly came to appreciate the finer points of the Saturn chassis.  One set of R-compound racing tires and a few laps around Watkins Glen at his first high-speed driver's school in 1994 was enough to draw him in, and he has been hooked ever since.

Starting out in the SCCA’s Solo II ES and CSP categories, James decided in 1997 to make the switch to Showroom Stock Club Racing.  With the help, and free, labor of countless friends and family members, he established scR motorsports, and there has been no looking back since.

In their very first season of Club Racing, the team took home second place at the CENDIV Regional RunOffs.  In 1998, James and his crew elected to run the National circuit and, in their rookie season, earned an invitation to the SCCA Valvoline RunOffs.  Their thirteenth-place finish (after running in the top ten mid-race) left them plenty to be proud of, but wanting more.

James In 1999, James sold the white #34 SSC car in order to move to the Improved Touring class.  The vehicle of choice was again a Saturn SC, but this time a 1992 model.  The car was a ground-up build and performed above expectations during a test day early in the season, but a sudden engine failure ended their 1999 IT debut prematurely.

Back in 2000 with a new engine, the team landed three poles and the team's first-ever win at Mid-Ohio.  2001 proved to be even better, as the team scored seven more top-three finishes, yet another win (this time at Watkins Glen), and brought home a fourth-place trophy from the IT National Championship in November.

In 2002, James and team scR were joined by the R^3 Motorsports team (owned by Mark Rushbrook) and the Six Cats Racing team (owned by sponsor SPS) for a one-two-three Saturn attack on the CENDIV ITA field.  In a season truncated by the arrival of a new crew member, the team still managed a double win at Grattan and third-place finish at the CENDIV Regional RunOffs.

Like most Club Racers, James has a real job, too.  His passion for chassis dynamics (plus a degree in Mechanical Engineering) assists him in his current day-to-day activities as a Chassis Control Systems Engineer; however, he still draws on his many years with the Saturn Chassis Engineering Team when the green flag flies…